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Who's Alex?

Alex is an American Football writer and content producer based in Brighton, England. He is also currently continuing his postgraduate studies in Filmmaking at the University of Sussex.

Outside of American Football, Alex is a champion of the craft beer industry, which started with founding the University of Sussex Craft Beer Appreciation and Exploration Society, having held weekly bottle shares and industry related events on campus since 2017.

He's fuelled by barrel-aged sour ales, ranch sauce and Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Born on the Bayou'.

Image by Nicole Herrero

My Story


From the first moment I watched a New Orleans Saints game in 2016 I was hooked on American Football. My growing passion for the Saints led to my love and appreciation for College Football and my team, the LSU Tigers.

I am the lead NCAA College Football and New Orleans Saints writer for The Drop Back – a UK based American Football platform.

The YouTube channel Any Given Saturday – features interviews that I have conducted with coaches, players, experts and fans from around the world of College Football.


The man behind the content

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'Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing' (Henry Russell Sanders)


©2022 by Alex Voice-Joyce. Proudly created with

©2022 by Alex Voice-Joyce. Proudly created with

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